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What constitutes a “Large” Dry-Pipe system? We will discuss strategies for designing these systems, including valve types and inclusion of quick opening devices, “Do’s” and “Don’ts” (and CAN’Ts!!) and options to make your system operate quickly and efficiently.

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Instructional Videos

Brandon Telford, Technical Services Manager, walks you through attic sprinklers and NFPA 13.

Brandon Telford, Technical Service Manager, presents: Attic Protection using Special Sprinklers. In part two of this two-part series, Brandon compares and contrasts traditional prescriptive design criteria with protection schemes using Special Sprinklers.


Listen to and Cary Webber, Director of Technical Services, explain the role and inner workings of Reliable’s Technical Services Team HERE.

Listen to Tom Multer, Former VP of Product Technology, and Cary Webber, Director of Technical Services, discuss the Sure-Off Tester and its inception HERE.

Listen to Scott Hanson, Technical Service Manager, discussing Preaction Sprinkler Systems with Chris Logan HERE.

Click HERE to listen to Cary Webber, Director of Technical Services, and John Corcoran, Digital Marketing Manager, discuss the new FX Differential Dry Pipe Valve.


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