Titus Industrial Grooved Products

Customer Testimonial

Reliable® and Titus Industrial® share a commitment to quality and service. Together, we stand behind both the product and the customer. Beyond the core product line, our combined engineering teams will transform customer feedback into innovative, labor-saving pipe connection products. Our partnership will improve your competitive advantage by getting you on and off the job – fast.

Titus Quality

Quality Assurance

Titus’ global infrastructure supports in-country quality control and inspection with dedicated employees working in each facility.

Quality Methodology

Driven by multi-point inspections and reporting, the Titus quality program is unparalleled in the industry.


Titus Fire Protection products operate under a 2-year limited warranty when used with other Titus products and installed correctly.

Titus Industrial Bulletins:  https://titusindustrial.com/fire/ 

Titus Fire Protection Products
Titus Fire Protection


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