Wrench-able Caps for Flat Plate Concealed Sprinklers

  • Provided with Model RFC, G5, and LT56C sprinklers.
  • Using the Model W3 wrench, sprinklers are installed without removing the protective cap.
  • Indicator on cap for alignment with nominal finished ceiling location.
  • Caps project beyond sprinkler cup and are angled out to help avoid damaging ceiling finish.
  • Cap color indicates sprinkler temperature rating.
  • Cap can be removed with a standard 1/2" NPT or BSPT threaded adapter on pipe.
  • Adhesive backed silicone disk available to create a cover plate installation tool.




See Technical Bulletins for use with Sprinklers:
006 for RFC Series Sprinklers
034 for G5 Series Sprinklers
058 for LT56C Series Sprinklers



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