Reliable Celebrates Centennial

January 23, 1920, Frank J. Fee formed The Reliable Automatic Sprinkler Co., Inc.

One hundred years later the company – now led by his grandsons and great-grandsons – remains true to Frank’s original vision: high-quality USA-designed and produced products, service, and a commitment to never compete with our customers.

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Found Items of the Last Century

Mike Wiesman Collection
  • Model C, Conventional, 212° F, 1952
  • Model C, Pendent, 165 ° F,1955
  • Model D, Pendent, 360°F, 1974
  • Model D, Pendent, 165 ° F, 1974
  • Model G, Conventional, 165 ° F, 1984
  • Model F, Pendent, 135°F, 12 mm, 1972

All items listed above were donated by Mike Wiesman.

Rob McGrane Collection
  • 1928, Issue “B” Conventional
  • 1935, Issue “B”, conventional
  • 1941, Issue “B”, Conventional
  • 1945, Model C, Conventional
  • 1955, Model C, Upright, 160°F, 212°F and 280°F
  • 1974. Model D, VSW
  • 1976, Model D, Upright
  • 1978, Model F, Pendent
  • 1955 Pressure Gauge

All items listed above were donated by Rob McGrane.

Jeff Suleski Collection
  • 1947, Model C, Conventional, 165°F
  • 1952, Model C, Conventional, 165°F
  • 1955, Model C, Upright, 165°F
  • 1966, Model C, Upright, 160°F
  • 1966, Model C, Upright, 212°F (White)
  • 1967, Model C, Upright, 280°F (Blue)
  • 1969, Model C, Upright,360°F (Red)

All items listed above were donated by Jeff Suleski

Oldest Reliable Sprinkler Found
  • 1921, Issue “A”, Conventional, 160°F

Found by Anonymous

Reliable’s Centennial Ads & Announcements

Letter to the Fire Protection Industry
Letter to the Industry
 Centennial Double Spread "Link to the Future"
“Link to the Future” Centennial Spread

Thank you for your support, we could not have gotten here without you!

An Inside Look At Reliable


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